Policy plan 2011-2016

End of 2009, a committee was founded to coordinate World Storytelling Day in the Netherlands. In the course of 2010, this committee wrote a policy plan to explain their goals for the next 5 years. The text below is a translation of the summary of this plan. The complete plan can be downloaded by clicking on this link.


This policy plan is intended to serve for the coming five years as a guideline for the Dutch World Storytelling Day committee. Additionally, it aims to provide storytelling organizations and potential sponsors and subsidizers with information about the committee’s background and mission.

World Storytelling Day originated in Sweden in 1991 and has since developed into a successful initiative by and for storytellers. It is held each year on the 20th of March, a day dedicated to the art of storytelling.

The Netherlands joined World Storytelling Day in 2008. In 2010, the World Storytelling Day committee was set up to generate national publicity for the event, cooperating with storytellers, other organizations, and anyone who supports storytelling in any way.

World Storytelling Day is an ideal opportunity to show the public at large that the art of telling stories is practised all around the world and has been since times immemorial. Stories are supposed to engage a broad audience of all ages and nationalities.

The event is set up with the aim to reach a large target audience and allows storytellers to engage in activities of their own preference. Storytellers are invited to host local storytelling events linked to a worldwide theme that changes with each year. Partly due to the fixed date and single global theme, World Storytelling Day is becoming ever more popular and more widely known.

By 2016, the committee aims for twice the number of visitors that attended the event in 2009, the first time it was held as a national event in the Netherlands. Among other things, this is to be achieved by greater cooperation with other (storytelling) organizations, a ‘prologue’ intended to attract media attention in the days just before the event, and by using new media. Reaching out to new audiences and engaging the young will be an essential component of all new activities.

Based on this policy plan, the committee will devise a financing scheme to find the means necessary for carrying out, over the next five years, the strategy decided upon. Stichting Vertellen (a Dutch storytelling foundation) finances the committee’s fixed expenses.

The most important asset of World Storytelling Day, however, consists in all the storytellers who are willing to perform for free each year on the same day.

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