Monsters and Dragons - World Storytelling Day 2014

On this page we have collected videos from all over the world, with storytellers presenting stories on the theme of WSD 2014: Monsters and Dragons!
On our request for recorded stories we had a lot of response, particularly from Australia. Thank you very much!

Dutch storyteller Philip van der Zee, aka Donderelf, telling a fragment from the Norse Völsunga Saga, about Sigurd the Dragon Slayer:

Jackie Kerin from Australia telling a traditional Australian rhymed story about a shark:

Manuela Steger (Manusch) from Bregenz in Austria, telling a local dragon legend:

German storyteller Silvia Hein tells "Der Hässliche Jao" (Ugly Jao), a dragon story from Portugal - German spoken:

JB Rowley from Australia tells a spooky story about 'Hobyahs' who used to live in the Australian bush:

Martin Ellrodt from Germany tells a mysterious story about a Chinese dragon:

Mexican storyteller Abigail Viveros Espinosa, who lives in Belgium, tells a story about a monster mother rescuing her son (Spanish spoken):

Singapore based storyteller Roger Jenkins explains how dragons come to be, with a Taiwanese story:

Roslyn Quin from Melbourne, Australia, tells a folktale about the Dirt Sister:

Another rhymed story from Australia, by Peter Fernon. The story is based on his five year old son's fantasy!

The silent film "Der Golem" (1920) comes alive with storyteller Gottfrid van Eck and his trio "Wilde Eend" - Dutch spoken (trailer)

Have you ever wondered how it feels to kiss a dragon? Then watch this video! It's not a recording of a complete story, but impression of a World Storytelling Day event in Canada in 2014 - including an amazing dancing dragon:

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