Wishes - World Storytelling Day 2015

On this page we collect videos from all over the world, with storytellers presenting stories on the theme of WSD 2014: Wishes!
Thank you to everyone who contributed to our worldwide storytelling project!

The first video is not a story, but a short promotional for World Storytelling Day. You can watch the English version below and a Dutch version can be found here. Feel free to share it!

Dutch storyteller Fred uit het Broek - member of our WSD team - tells an unusual story about three wishes:

Manush from Austria was travelling the Middle East and sent us a Mullah Nassredin story about wishes:

Roger Jenkins from Singapore recorded an Irish story for us, about just one wish:

Jackie Kerin from Australia recorded a kamishibai story especially for WSD 2015. Kamishibai is a traditional Japanese storytelling technique with a small wooden stage and cards with drawings. The story comes in two parts: one part telling how Split Dog came to be and the second part telling one of his adventures:

Pete Castle (UK) tells a modern fairy tale - for those who like to believe it ;-)


There are many beautifully told stories about wishes out there. Here are some more that we found online:

Jan Blake (UK) telling about a woman who grants her husband's wish...

 Jeeva Ragunath tells about two girls who wish to have more hair -  a variety from India on the well known fairy tale of Mother Hulda / Frau Holle.

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